A little about our mission...

Ziva's Surprise Pack is a sister company to Scout & Zoe's®. You can learn more about us at www.scoutandzoes.com. Our continuing mission is to produce quality, human-grade products for deserving dogs all across the globe. 

We want to give doggies the longest, happiest, healthiest lives possible so they can spend many years with their loving families. 

To that end, we use only USA sourced raw ingredients in every single one of our products. No preservatives or chemicals and we don't use ingredients that you can't pronounce. You don't have to have a degree in bio-science to understand our ingredients.

In fact, our treats are so safe, the Momster eats them. If they are safe enough for her, then they are safe enough for us and for your precious pups. 

Meet Our Team

Chief Dog Lover

Director of Happiness

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