Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ziva's Surprise Pack?

Our Surprise Pack is a monthly delivery of two or four packs of tasty treats crafted by our sister company, Scout & Zoe's®. One month the pack could include two bakery treats; the next month could find a bakery treat and a protein treat inside the pack. You might even find a pack of veggies in there!  It is a secret until Ziva picks out what she wants to send. Rest assured, the treats included will be tasty, USA sourced and produced. Your dogs will think you are the best doggie Mom or Dad on this spinning planet

How does it work?

First, we'll ask you the size of the Surprise Pack you would like to received. That is usually determined by how many canine buddies you have in your cozy home. Then, select how often you would like to receive one of our Surprise Packs. Once you do that, on the first of the month, we will ship one of our Surprise Packs to you. The exact product assortment of each Pack is a secret, but we do guarantee your pup will love it!

How are the boxes priced?

The pricing is based on the size of the Pack ordered and how often you would like to receive one of our Packs. As the number of months you receive our Surprise Packs lengthens, the price per month decreases.

Are you ready to subscribe to Ziva's Surprise Pack?

Are you ready? Do you have any additional questions that are burning to be answered? If not, what are you waiting for? 

Press the GET MY PACK button below to begin your Ziva's Surprise Pack subscription. Whether you are purchasing this for your pup, a neighbor's sweetie or as a gift, the lucky furry recipient will drool over the contents. We promise!