How It Works

When you sign up for Ziva's Surprise Pack, every month you will receive a package of carefully selected products that Ziva has picked out herself. 

Let the drooling begin!

Step 1

Select a size 

Is your home a single pup residence or do you have multiple canine kids? We have Surprise Packs with double the treats for multiple pup households.

Step 2

Choose a frequency

Select from month to month, three months, or six months of yummy treats. Our Surprise Packs will arrive mid-month and will totally delight your fur pal. 

Step 3

Get a Surprise Pack!

Sit back and get ready to receive the best treats on the planet. Ziva loves these treats and we know your dog will too!

A Note from Ziva's


Whether you are purchasing Ziva's Surprise Pack for your own furry pal or as a gift for a very deserving dog, rest assured our treats will have your precious pup drooling and you, the pet parent, will be delighted with the quality and selection of the treats. 

The mantra of everything we do is that if a product is not good enough for my dogs, it will never be offered to yours. When you see a product offered here, you know every single aspect of the selection process has been carefully vetted by me, the Momster. 

We make the best treats in the universe. Doggie tested; Momster approved. 


Cindy Dunston Quirk
Chief Dog Lover, Scout & Zoe's®

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If you have any questions on our Surprise Packs, send us an email or give us a jingle. We are happy to be of assistance in any way we are able. 

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